​Dedicated to using integrative design to go beyond sustainability, Bill Reed will lead the workshop to explain what integrative systems thinking is, how and why it works, and how to merge these concepts with each attendee's existing work.



MICHAEL GARRISON - Solar Decathlon and Zero Net Energy Building
Michael Garrison, the Gilbert Cass Centennial Teaching Fellow with UT Austin will present the UT Austin Solar Decathlon Entries into the DOE Solar Decathlon competition. Professor Garrison has served as the faculty sponsor of the 2002, 2005, and 2007 Solar Decathlon competitions administered by the U.S. Department of Energy. 



In 2013 Sustainable Showcase moved to Rosine Hall at the Dallas Arboretum, an inspiring setting to introduce the topic of Healthy Building Materials.


Resilience is a concept that is grabbing attention, especially with those who create the built environment. The increasinglt sever weather, flooding, draughts and other natural disasters, teamed with power outagesm threats if terrorism and potential disease outbreaks, all increase the need for systems that can respond to these shocks and stresses. 


The 8th Annual North Texas Sustainable Showcase will (re)fresh our knowledge on the current state of sustainable and high performance design, and delve deeper into topics that have a local impact. 

Showcase 2012 featured two informative "pods", with a recap from previous showcases, a panel and group  discussion focusing on Water & Energy.



HOWARD GARRETT - The Impact of Buildings on the Earth
Construction and maintenance of buildings have an enormous impact on our environment, the soil and plants in particular. Howard Garrett will explore design, construction and maintenance issues that impact the soil and existing plants, suggesting ways to maintain a healthier, more organic environment.

Showcase 2014 featured keynote speaker David Riz, AIA, LEED AP of KieranTimberlake. Record, Metropolis, TIME, The New York Times, and Wired. ​Panelists include Bill Walsh, Healthy Building Network; Keith Lindemuler, Nucor; Gary Christensen, Christensen Corporation; Roderick Bates, Kieran Timberlake; Stacy Glass, Cradle to Cradle, Tom Lent, Healthy Building Network, and more. 

THOM MAYNE - The Contemporary Energy Landscape
Architecture and urban planning need not be mutually exclusive fields, nor do they need to occupy certain territories of scale. Traditionally planners work through a quantitative lens, rational and analytical, while architects have opted for the intuitive or qualitative approach. The methodology of the team at Morphosis seeks a new synthesis between visceral and rational ways of thinking and working.

BRENT BROWN - ReVision Dallas
Brent Brown, AIA, with the City of Dallas leads the Buildings Community Workshop that has won AIA Dallas Community and Sustainability design awards for their Congo Street Holding House project in 2008 and the Community award for their work on the Imperial Illumination project in 2007.